Easihold is a revolutionary new award-winning stone binder; invented, formulated and manufactured in the UK.

Easihold is a water-based, non-harmful product that fixes stones in place with a protective sheen, whilst not compromising on permeability.

You can use it to stabilise stones in flower beds, stepping stones or wherever those pesky pebble stones can interfere with your garden harmony.




Easihold can be
applied in 3 ways

  • The Pour on method is the easiest, requiring just a watering can and away you go!
  • The Spray on method is more efficient, fill up a spray bottle and spray on
  • The Mixing technique gives you the most robust result - ensuring all stones are coated evenly

Easihold 5L / 170 oz

Easihold is a Revolutionary New Patented Stone Binder - Capable of Bonding and Fixing Loose Stones in Place....

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Bulk Bags of Rock (Multiples of 6)

Our 55lbs bags of aggregate contain premium quality stone, made from genuine marble. Offering you a bigger...

How does Easihold work?

Easihold is a water based, air drying product. As the water evaporates, our patented Easihold particles crosslink to bond and stabilise your stones! It’s very important Easihold is able to carry out this evaporation process to gain its strength.

Warm weather and most importantly, dry conditions for the 48 hours after application will give you optimal performance.

Easihold is perfect for use on new or existing stones. You can buy suitable stones in most DIY stores, but we have our own fantastic range of 4 to 6mm decorative stones, called Natural World Rock.

When you buy Natural World Rock, you buy genuine marble, quartz and granite stones sourced from locations such as El Toco Mountain, and the majestic quarries of Dorset, England.