Bulk Bags of Rock (Multiples of 6)

Our 55lbs bags of aggregate contain premium quality stone, made from genuine marble.

Offering you a bigger saving, these bags come in multiples of 6 in an impressive range of colours.

  • • Sourced from Europe
  • • Compatible with Easihold
  • • Incredible Colours
Easy-to-use 55lbs bag will spread around 1m2 (10.76 sq. ft.) per bag at a 15mm (0.59") depth of spread.

you need to

This is a 55lbs bag of washed and dried aggregates that can be used in the following ways:

Just Aggregate - You can buy this aggregate as part of a custom 6 Bag trade deal, or to top up your existing aggregate stock to make up a blend. Each bag is 55lbs in size. 


Easihold  - This is our revolutionary loose stone binder. You can mix the aggregate with 1.25 litres of Easihold you then have a kit which can be laid on to almost any surface at 20mm (0.8 inches) thick and cover 0.75m2 (8.07 sq. ft.), and be used as a path or patio surface. Alternatively, you can evenly spread the aggregate on a hard surface then pour or spray the Easihold over the surface to bind the stones together.


When considering your base, you should think about 'is this base strong enough for my intended purpose?' The base is of less importance with Easihold than Resin Bound, as Easihold is also a wearing course. 

We would recommend the ideal substrate to be a compacted hardcore, or other stabilised surface should as concrete, existing paving, macadam etc. We would advise the inclusion of a permeable membrane beneath the system to prevent growth of weeds.