Easihold Trade Multipack (4 x 5L / 170 oz)

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Easihold is a Revolutionary New Patented Stone Binder - Capable of Bonding and Fixing Loose Stones in Place. 

Easihold Multipack is a trade-sized pack of 4 x 5L/170 oz. Save 20% buy purchasing Easihold in bulk. 

Easihold is a water based, non-harmful, easy to use binder that leaves stones permeable, with a protective sheen.

Easihold is not suited for vehicle traffic or regular / heavy duty traffic - for those areas, we would recommend our resin bound surfacing

Each 5L covers up to 8m2 for Pour On application and up to 14m2 for Spray On application. 1-2 coats recommended. We recommend to use a layer of stones approximately 20mm in depth.
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Easihold is a Revolutionary New Patented Stone Binder - Capable of Bonding and Fixing Loose Stones in Place. 

Easihold is perfect for use on new or existing stones. Dirt and silt deposits ought to be washed off prior to application - and ensure the weather conditions are good for the 48 hours post application.  

Application & Coverage:
Easihold is applied by 3 different application techniques - Pour OnSpray On or Mix In.

The Pour On method is the easiet, requiring just a watering can and away you go! We recommend to use up to a maximum of 1 litre (33.81 oz) per 1.2m² (12.92 sq. ft). (0.8 litres/27.05 oz per 1m² / 10.76 sq. ft.) and 1x5L (169 oz) Jerry can covers 6-8m² (64.58 - 86.11 sq. ft.) using Pour On Method per coat.

Spraying is more efficient because the Easihold will go further, but this method requires an airless sprayer. We recommend to use up to 1 litre (33.81 oz) per 2.8m² (30.14 sq. ft.) (and 1x5 Litre / 33.81 oz Jerry can cover 12-14m² (129.17-150.70 sq. ft.) using Spray On Method per coat.

The mixing technique gives you the most robust result - ensuring all stones are coated evenly with Easihold. However, mixing involves a little more effort. We recommend to use 0.8 litres (27.05 oz) of Easihold is enough for 1x55lbs bag of stones and 1x5L Jerry can cover 6m² (64.58 sq. ft.)using hand-mix (6x bags of 55lbs stones @ 15mm/0.59" depth).

Suitable Stones:
Not all stones are suitable for Easihold application. Stones between 4mm (0.16") and 10mm (0.39") in diameter work best, but even stones up to 15mm (0.59") can work well if angular and clean. You can read more about suitable stones in our blog here

You can buy suitable stones in most DIY shops, but we have our own range of fantastic 4 to 6mm decorative stones (0.16"-0.24") for use with Easihold. 

Life Expectancy:
We recommend to top-up your Easihold fixed stones annually to maintain stability and for an even more robust finish, we also produce a range of resin-bound surfacing products.

Here are our DIY resin bound kits, and here are Trade Kits for professionals. 

Our resin-bound products are market-leading with incredible strength and are available in a variety of colours. Resin bound surfacing is recommended for areas that take heavy loads such as driveways and pathways or garden furniture areas.

The #1 Stone Binder:
Easihold is the original pour on stone binder - patented in 2019 and now sold throughout the world! We have manufactured more than 50,000 bottles of Easihold and distributed to 20+ countries! 


Over-saturation, caused by using more liquid than the recommended amount per square metre, will leave the surface wet and un-bonded. For best results, read our application guide which is available through the QR code on the bottle.

Easihold can be applied using three easy methods, each suited to a different type of application. You can pour it on, spray it on or mix it in.

Easihold can be poured from a watering can. We recommend using a maximum of 1 litre per 12 sq. ft. (around 3 fl. oz. per sq. ft.), ensuring your stones are evenly coated. Ensure you use a watering can with a steady flow that is dispersing the Easihold liquid evenly across the stones.

This method is quite straightforward, without the use of specialist equipment and ensures good penetration into the stones. The one main consideration with this method, and all methods of application of Easihold is over saturation.

Easihold Spray On

Easihold can be spray applied using a standard airless sprayer. For the spray application, you can increase the coverage area of 1 litre of Easihold – covering 30 sq. ft. per litre. Spraying Easihold limits penetration into the base layer of the stones. Great for achieving a larger coverage but this method won’t provide as robust a surface finish. We would recommend this application method for decorative use only.

We recommend to use 2 applications of Easihold when applying by the Pour On or Spray On method for the strongest finish.

Easihold Hand Mix

Sometimes pouring and spraying can risk splashing your paving, or surrounding areas. In these circumstances you can mix Easihold with your stones until they’re evenly coated – usually 0.8 litres is enough to coat a standard 55lbs bag of stones. The mixing method leaves the strongest finish - guaranteeing the stones are evenly coated throughout. You can typically only use this method of application with new stones - mixing with old, dirty stones could be difficult.

It’s important you apply Easihold in the right weather conditions. Warm weather and most importantly, dry conditions for the 48 hours after application will give you optimal performance from your Easihold binder.

Easihold is a water based, air drying product. As the water evaporates, our patented Easihold particles crosslink to bond and stabilise your stones! It’s very important Easihold is able to carry out this evaporation process to gain its strength.

When this doesn’t happen – for example in cold conditions or if you have applied too much Easihold and the stones are over saturated; the crosslinking process will not occur, and the final result will be compromised

The stones you use don’t have to be dry upon purchase, but we do recommend washing and letting them dry before use, as some new stones can arrive with a silty deposit. Contamination like this will prevent a strong bond being achieved between your stones. If you’re using existing stones, try to remove any dirt or debris prior to application, and leave them to dry before applying Easihold.

There are two important factors for a suitable base for Easihold. Firstly, the base has to be stable enough to support the traffic it is to receive. And secondly, the base should be free draining. Easihold is a water-based product and will start to break down if left submerged underwater for long periods of time.

What is the drying time? Easihold is air drying so it is important that you do not over-saturate the area being treated. Leave the first coat to dry for 24 hours or until fully dry before applying a second coat.
How many sq ft does it cover? Using the Pour On method you would be able to cover 8m2 (86 square feet) in one coat, and 14m2 (150 square feet) in one coat of the Spray application.
Is Easihold Permeable? Easihold coats the stones in a thin film, and leaves the stones capable of being penetrated by water as normal.
Minimum Application Temp                      8oC Celsius / 46.4 Fahrenheit. Temperatures ought to be rising during application. Less than 5oC / 41 Fahrenheit and Easihold will stop drying. Please note that Easihold can be washed away if it does not dry before precipitation.
What size stone works best? We would recommend between 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch diameter for the best bond. But you can use stones up to 5/8 inch and still achieve good results. Even larger stones can be bonded if clean and angular, but we wouldn't recommend for any foot traffic.

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